Constitutionality of the Dilution : Valid or Invalid

whether the move is constitutionally valid ? Dilution of article 370 is being scrutinized on the ground of Constitutional validity. Previously, article 370(3) enunciated that the President couldn’t abrogate or modify the provision without prior recommendation of Constituent Assembly of J&K, which was dissolved in 1957 leaving an enigma over its functionality. With introduction of... Continue Reading →

Dilution of article 370 : A sift through the C.O.272 & 273

Is it 'abrogation' of article 370 or a mere 'dilution' ? Lately, there has been a lot of hullabaloo in global news fraternity with regards to the ‘Dilution’ of article 370. However, majority of these news reports have been labeling the move as ‘Abrogation’ of article 370. Upon reconciling them with the Constitution (Application to... Continue Reading →

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