What is so happy about today?

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There is absolutely nothing that is happy about today. Couple of my friends have their birthdays, then we have birthdays of Bapu and Lal Bahadur Shastri as well. But again, what is so happy about 2nd October, 2020. A young lady, belonging to a poor family, was gangraped and brutally murdered 2 or 3 weeks back in Hathras village of Uttar Pradesh. But again this is nothing new, it is a recurring thing you see. That happens every single day. I reckon that must have been the mindset of the media and the police administration. That is why, you see, the First Information Report was lodged by the cops after 4-5 days. That is why, you see, a rape that was committed on 14th day of september received media coverage weeks later. That is why, you see, I am writing this piece almost 3 weeks later. Mainstream Media was busy reporting other important things related to bollywood afterall. I am not properly instructed in matters of bollywood because, you see, I am one of those orthodox, backward youths who do not watch movies much.

Maladministration by the executives and police officers in investigative matters is also an oft occurring thing, but the grave maladministration that has taken place in this case, to my eyes and memory, is unprecedented.

May not I ask as to why are the political leaders, who are willing to meet victims family, being halted in their way to hathras? The administration says that they are violating the Epidemics Disease Act and negligently spreading an infectious disease (Covid-19) under Indian Penal Code. But every single person in India knows that the lockdown means nothing as of now. People are volutarily and openly breaking the lockdown. Let me tell you there is no lockdown indeed. You are very likely to see large congregations in almost every city for this or that purpose and you are not likely to see any arrest being made in these cases whatsoever. The question is would the administration act with same swiftness in other cases as well? No.
May not I ask as to why has Hathras village been sealed?
May not I ask as to why is the media not allowed to talk to the poor family?
May not I ask as to why was the dead body of victim, all of a sudden, cremated in night without the permission of the family? We do not even allow cremation after the sunset in Hindu religion, do we?
May not I legitimately ask as to why was there a delay in lodging of FIR and arrest of the four accused?
May not I legitimately ask as to why is the administration pressuring the poor family to change its statement?
May not I legitimately ask as to why is the police administration, without a trace of shame, continuously repeating, like they are stuck in a loop, that the victim has not been raped when she has clearly said in the dying declaration that she was raped?
May not I legitimately ask as to what is the rational and reason to even stop Advocate Seema Kushwaha from meeting the victims family?
There are literally so many questions that must be asked right now. The administration says that village has been sealed to prevent Covid from spreading in its congested confines.
Neither am I able to understand nor I am willing to accept that narrative whatsoever. I am not buying that.

I am not willing to move into my territory today, the legal territory, so as to deal with this issue. Because right now, you see, it is the rule of men that is in prevailing in the state of Uttar Pradesh and not the rule of law. Like the American realists, I submit now that the law in this case is what the Judges would declare and not what the rule-books say because, you see, in substance the rule-books are not being followed. And the administration would be bound to follow what the courts say. The fact that Allahabad High Court had to take suo motu cognisance, speaks volumes about this issue. I am simply waiting to see the further stance that Allahabad HC takes on this issue.

To be honest, I do not even know what have I written upwards. I am not revising this, I am not bothered even by slightest. I wrote this because I definitely had to write something about this. I do not know how many of you would even read this. There are instances upon which it is difficult to speak but impossible to remain silent. As of now every single question pertaining to this issue has to be promptly answered by Mr. Adityanath and his government.

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  1. I heard about this on the World Service News last night and I share your outrage and disgust. So many questions you are right to ask. I hope this story does not die like that poor woman. What can be done to bring the authorities to account for their deliberate neglect of duty, their lack of humanity, their utter contempt for a defenceless woman whose abused and destroyed body has been literally burned out of existence as though she had never existed?

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  2. Brother, collective participation and cognition in the people. 1.) Collectively asking the administration valid questions and 2.) Stop blaming the courts rather ask the admins to cooperate the judicial mandates.

    What I don’t understand is that why people blame court always for non dispensation of justice. You see in criminal case it is the police and administration that does all pre-trial procedure like investigation. And 80% of the cops do not even know how to collect evidence at crime scene. They conduct the investigation in such a sloppy manner, I can’t even tell you. And everything depends on investigation. What can the court do when the admins below are reckless… they can only punish them. So, the administration has to be questioned…
    Further I don’t like this people who say, “hang the rapists on the road or shoot them publicly…” do you want this country to be saudi Arabia.
    You see unless people educate themselves nothing is going to change.

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  3. Well, If u look at the reports being circulated you will find almost all of your questions have been answered. Maybe you find those answers blabbermouthed shamelessly….
    Well the judiciary can’t be blamed always and we do need to question ourselves on few fronts seriously to bring the change we wish to see…..

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