My name is Chandra Shekher, a 24-year old law scholar from Banaras Hindu University. I will be publishing articles on contemporary socio-legal issues in India and academic articles on area of interest, of mine, in the legal avocation. My blog would also include expository articles on issues which, though talked-about, are rather unknown to the mass. There is a unique category, for non-law readers, wherein my younger brother, Shudhanshu, would be curating selected Zen stories with interpretations. Blog is open to publish Guest posts (Law) from my colleagues as well.

• ChandraShekher Mishra- Rest.
• Shudhanshu Shekher Mishra- Zen stories.


Personal Interest:
A loquacious rock & folk music aficionado whose all time favorite band is Pearl Jam and all time favorite vocalist- Eddie Vedder. Been a Bianconeri since 2007 & an adamant viewer of Serie A.

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