101 Zen Stories: Announcement

Hara Tanzan (原タンザン, 5 December 1819 – 27 July 1892) was a polymathic Zen master and the first lecturer on Buddhist texts at the University of Tokyo. A former abott of Saijoji temple, he was also a scholar of Confucianism, Indian philosophy and medicine. His modern “outside the box” philosophy was subject to great notoriety in the 19th century.

On the last day of his life, Tanzan prepared sixty postal cards and asked an attendant of his to post them. Then he passed away.

The cards read:

I am departing from this world.

This is my last announcement.

Tanzan; 27 July 1892

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    1. In fact, those were included in the first place to induce an interest into the reader. If you’ve read the other Zen stories, then you must’ve noticed how such emphasis have not been levied upon each and every subject of our stories. Tanzan is widely regarded as one of the most unique Zen masters and hence Outside the box. And he’s also one of the few masters that will keep making appearances in our future posts (very soon…😉).

      Providing backstories ensures that the readers remember who Tanzan was so that they can recognize him when encountered in another article, and read with increased interest.

      Hope that reading our posts was helpful. 👍


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